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Bob Fingerman's "Minimum Wage" - Mini Review

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While I was out looking at comics today, the cover of Minimum Wage caught my eye (no surprises there, right?) This serial is about Rob Hoffman, an illustrator who is still living at his mom’s place. “Minimum Wage” chronicles Rob’s adventures with his twenty something friends. As of the first issue, he is on the verge of signing divorce papers and is newly single, exploring the online dating market. By the end of issue #1, he’s met May, a super curvy free spirit with body issues (the girl on the cover above). May is also living close to the margins, as illustrated in a funny scene with her landlady.

What struck me as interesting about Rob and May’s relationship is how easily he is able to score with this voluptuous vixen. The first time they make out, she insists on keeping the lights off. Later we learn it’s because she doesn’t feel good about her figure. Now, contrast this to a similarly built woman in the black community. By date number two she’d be taking Rob through the ninth circle of hell, rather than putting out. There would be no confidence issues. Anyway, the story with May is a nice little entree in my sparse oeuvre of curvy girl lit, along with Clowes and Crumb.

“Minimum Wage” features great artwork and surprisingly funny slice-of-life stories about Rob and his crew. His online dating travails are a highlight.

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