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AllGoodThings.TV is a YouTube channel and weblog featuring beautiful women reviewing indie games, movies, and other forms of entertainment.  We have over 100 million views (average of 150,000 views per day) and 340,000 subscribers, so our channel is a great launching pad for aspiring models and actresses as well as brands. We have a partnership with YouTube and access to their professional studios and editing bays in Playa Del Rey, California.

Our format consists of 2-3 minute, semi-scripted video reviews which debut on our YouTube channel.  We also feature written reviews accompanied by pictorial content on our
Instagram page, interviews and DIY videos.  The video format serves a dual purpose - it provides a venue for the talent to shine while simultaneously offering viewers a brief overview of their favorite entertainment.  

We have completed successful brand integrations with
Legendary Pictures, Topps' "Star Wars" Card Trader", Graze, Geek Fuel and more!
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Olivia Jensen: DIY Jean Shorts - 12 Million Views

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Carol Seleme: "Art School Confidential" - 245,000 Views

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