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Alysha Young & Hennely Jimenez Review Shudder Streaming Service

Shudder is a new subscription horror service backed by AMC. While they only offer 200 or so titles, they pack a potent punch with such cult favs as Ti West’s “House of the Devil" and Korean horror “A Tale of Two Sisters." This isn't horror lite - this the real deal. Check out Alysha Young and Hennely Jimenez discuss it.

Below you can see some storyboard AGT artist Cam worked up for this video. That’s right: we think these things out lol.


Honest Tea Project

In the brief history of AGT, I must say that appearing on the website for Honest Tea was one of the high points. Honest Tea is in store everywhere and is owned by Coke, so this was not a small brand deal. We have to give big shout out to Austin Graff over at Honest for making this happen. We actually did two videos for them. The first one did not make the cut and was rejected for some technical reasons, but Olivia certainly looks great in it. Consider this a bonus of occasionally visiting the AGT website.

NOTE: Honest Tea does not represent the views herein and specifically rejected this version of the video. In other words, the views and opinions expressed herein are strictly those of AGT and do not represent the views and opinions of Honest Tea or Coke or any of its respective affiliates or employees.

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