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Nataly Dawn and Jack Conte = Pomplamoose

A few years back as I drove home from work in traffic on the 10 Freeway east (having already lost my race against sun) and a song popped into my mind along with a vision nearly lost in the faint landscape of childhood memories.  The vision was Disney’s The Aristocats and the song was My Favorite Things from the 1959 musical, The Sound of Music.  The vision and the song weren’t really related but it was a bread crumb that let me to inquiry.  Of course, the version of the song that came to mind was actually John Coltrane’s 13 minute version because the musical was a bit before my time.  I remember now, it was just after Halloween and that song’s imagery tends to conjure up thoughts of the holidays for most.  Anyway, not being able to get it out of my head, I gave in and did what people in our era do – I “voiced called” it up on YouTube with my iPhone playing through my car speakers.  That’s when I first discovered Pomplamoose’s version.  I didn’t immediately like it but there was something so charming about this rendition that I had to hear it a few more times.  The music was melodic and familiar, like the sights and sounds of Pomplamoose, the San Francisco Bay Area duo comprised of Nataly Dawn and Jack Conte.  For me, Pomplamoose are an example of what I love so much about this new era of giving pink slips to the gatekeepers of “cool.”  Real talent can be shared with the world via avenues such as YouTube without some A&R rep first giving it the nod of approval.  Pomplamoose sold over 100,000 songs to fans in 2009 after performing in 2008 and have continued to find success both together and with their solo careers.  They’ve worked with celebrity acts like Ben Folds and Barry Manillow (Dawn) as well as fellow YouTubers like Lauren O’Connell and Wade Johnston.  The latter collaboration between Conte and Johnston on Here is one of my favorites.  As Pomplamoose, Jack and Nataly create video performances of their songs for their online audience using only two rules: 1) What you see is what you hear. (No lip-syncing for instruments or voice and 2) If you hear it, at some point you see it. (No hidden sounds).  For something new and refreshing, give them a listen.

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