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REWORK: Philip Glass Remixed Review

In the days of iTunes where music comes a la carte, it isn't often that albums are something made to be enjoyed as a whole anymore. Instead, it often feels like producers come up with one or two catchy tunes and the rest is just filler. And with so much out there, who wants to put in the time to listen to just one album anyway? I'm usually already bored of what I heard a whole eighty minutes ago but this is an exception.

"REWORK: Philip Glass Remixed" is a collaboration by many of today's top artists to create a tribute for one of the most prolific composers of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.
Philip Glass has been working for decades creating minimalist cyclical beats but also operas and even soundtracks which have earned him academy award nominations. REWORK celebrates his 75th birthday by reworking some of his tunes into completely new sounds that can change entirely from track to track.

In this album you'll hear types of musical genres including but not limited to glitch, house, ambient, classical, chillwave, synth pop and instrumental hip hop. There's something for everyone to enjoy and for someone who enjoys everything it's something else. It's something eclectic and wonderful.

The tracks can be purchased individually if you feel you're only into certain types over others. But the whole album is 
here for you to stream, free of charge so I encourage all of you to give the whole thing a listen, you might be surprised and definitely never bored.  If you prefer the real thing however, I'm sorry it won't be available on 8-track but it is getting physical releases on October 23, 2012 for both CD and LP formats which can be pre-ordered now from its official website.

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