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Toro Y Moi - So Many Details Remix (feat. Hodgy Beats) Review

Always working around the clock to bring you the best and latest in entertainment information (even when there is an extra hour on that clock) we have a hot new remix by Toro Y Moi and Hodgy Beats for you. A remix called "So Many Details".

Did I say hot? Sorry, I meant "cool" because Toro is one of the leading producers in the 
chillwave movement, which is known for it's smooth synthetic beats. Equally smooth are the vocals performed by Hodgy which makes this the perfect track to throw on when the lights are dim and the company is close.

The remix has more of an R&B vibe to it over their other work or even the original. If that's your thing too, be sure to give "So Many Details" a listen and watch for its official release on January 22, 2013 as part of the album "Anything in Return". Two months may sound like long ways off but if you like this one as much as I have, then it's definitely something worth remembering.

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