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A Few Thoughts on Comic Con 2013

Here are some tips based on having attending the 2013 (and 2012) San Diego Comic-Con…

1. Know What You Want Upfront: Figure out exactly what you want here *beforehand* so you don't wind up walking around aimlessly. Find out which panels you wanna go to, the vendors you want to visit, etc. It still won't change all the waiting, but at least it will be worthwhile.

2. Be Prepared to Wait and for Crowds: There is a lot of waiting around to get into stuff, lines everywhere, people stacked on top of each other, slow moving crowds. It wears you out. Two hours of walking the floor and you're ready to sit down somewhere.

3. Women: There is a tremendous diversity of non-mainstream curvy women at Comic Con, as well as a bevy of traditional type beauties. Bring a wing man and be prepared before you go to the Con (get in shape, buy some nice clothes to wear)… I get the feeling there are a lot of Comic Con babies out there.

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