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Some Thoughts on Creating a YouTube Channel

So today our channel finally reached 10,000 subscribers, which means we're eligible to start charging for subscriptions according to YouTube rules (only a fool would do that though). One thing that was very frustrating when we started this all was trying to find information about how much YouTube pays and it's rules.

Here's a few things I've learned...

1) Pay - YouTube videos pay about $1.25 per thousand views from our experience. On the net you'll see estimates of anywhere from $5 to $1 per thousand views, but we haven't seen anything close to $5. Right now Google is making out like a bandit on Youtube. There are TV shows on networks that do not get 500,000 views (the finale of "90210" drew less than 600k viewers), yet advertisers on those shows pay $100,000 for a 30 second spot. In contrast, a YouTuber with half a million hits on a video makes a paltry $500 from ads.

2) Content is King - I see channels all the time struggling for viewers and it's b/c they haven't figured out what ppl really wanna see. I learned early on that non-ethnic curvy women who act like nerds have a huge draw online. Why? There's a lot of people who are hypocrites when it comes to curvy women - in public they adhere to mainstream standards, but behind closed doors they want a Mal Malloy. Their paradox is my profit. Whatever the subject matter, you gotta give ppl what they want. It is worth it to go through a lot of trouble to find a good subject for your channel, because once you do the views and subscriptions will just roll in.

3) Make Allies with Big Followings - Initially it will be difficult to get anyone to pay attention to your channel, no matter how good your content is. You'll need a launching pad - websites and Twitter users with large followings who will give you props. This doesn't happen overnight. I gained some allies with Indosplace, like the Smoking Section and Byron Crawford. You also have to plan your video postings carefully so that when the video finally goes online, ppl will know it's there.

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