Social Casino Games are Among the Bestselling Games

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Social Casino Games are Among the Bestselling Games

Casino games are underrated

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In the latest report by mobile trends analyst Distimo, social casino games on both iOS and Android platforms reign supreme in terms of monthly active users and daily downloads. The company said that the strength of mobile casino games are being downplayed by experts despite the number of players that access those games every day.

According to Distimo AppIQ, the company’s analytics tool, social casino games amount to 20 percent of games downloaded via the iOS App Store and 19 percent from Google Play. Furthermore, the top-ranking casino apps on both platforms were published by some of the biggest names in the mobile gaming industry.

While both platforms enjoy a fair share of huge online casino games, there has been a discrepancy in terms of revenue generated by the two mobile operating systems. The report from Distimo further documented that creators tend to generate more revenue from iOS social casino games as opposed to their Android counterparts.

Mobile gaming providers have taken great lengths to ensure that their services remain at par with their online counterparts. Users who play on"> are promised the same level of security and convenience when playing on the app, with secure deposits and withdrawals completely possible on both platforms. The added convenience of being able to do it all while “waiting for the bus, queuing in the shops, or sitting in the airport on the way to your holidays” is a major reason why mobile games have become so popular..

Growth shows no signs of slowing down

While social casino games are underrated in terms of exposure yet garner more players than other genres of smartphone games, the trends say that they will be here for years to come. In a report by International Casino News, Caesars Interactive Entertainment it was documented that there was a stunning growth of 82 percent in their Q1 revenues as opposed to Q1 last year. The news attributed the growth to the acquisition of social casino game providers Pacific Interactive and Playtika in the course of a year, further boosting the competition in providing more social casino games in the market.

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