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What Do AGT and Elvira Have in Common? Quite a Lot

blogEntryTopperTwo decades ago - a lifetime to some of y’all - there used to be a campy TV show called “Elvira's Movie Macabre” with a sexy host named, naturally, Elvira aka Cassandra Peterson. This sharp-tongued temptress would dedicate the show to B-grade horror movies. It was on the air for five seasons and developed quite a fan base. The show’s gimmick was simple: no one watched it for the horror movies -- they watched it for the super sexy and somewhat funny host.

Unfortunately, Elvira’s show does not really stand the test of time. It’s a bit corny and boring by today’s fast paced, reality show standards. But no one invents the fire or the wheel. AGT has always been premised on the Elvira formula. So when you see the comments - “This is not about making jeans!” - well, well... they may just be onto something.

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