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AGT Gets Invited to YouTube Space LA!

So today my business partner and I went through the orientation process for YouTube Los Angeles studios. Once you have 10,000 subscribers (we have nearly 20,000) and go through the orientation process, you are able to use the YouTube facilities to shoot your videos. This is a very big deal because YouTube Studios Los Angeles has enough professional gear to shoot a high quality theatrical release. They have professional sound editing equipment, Mac Pro towers for editing, professional lighting, software for editing, a screening room, and several sound stages to shoot your productions on. The energy there is very cool. Everyone knows this is groundbreaking - there are only three other YouTube studios across the globe and they are all smaller than LA location, which is their flagship. We could literally shoot three AGT videos at this studio in one day.

But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. In exchange for the top flight facilities, videos shot at the YouTube facilities undergo some pretty exacting review and have more restrictions than a video you’d shoot at your home. For instance, any video shot at the YT studio must first be submitted to Google’s lawyers for legal clearance. So you can’t just grab a remix off Soundcloud for background music now - you need an actual license for the music. You also can’t have any trademark infringements, such as a Coca Cola can sitting in plain view of your camera. Finally, you need insurance to shoot there.

Still, even with these tighter restrictions, I can tell you this is an amazing opportunity. It’s a beautiful, sprawling facility (this is Google money after all) and it is very picturesque. You can easily shoot great looking content there.

Hopefully we’ll have a chance to shoot Olivia Jensen at YouTube Studios Los Angeles soon, and maybe, who knows - Mal Malloy Happy Stay tuned.


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