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AGT Recommends: Japanese Wallpaper "Cocoon"

I found out about Australian artist Japanese Wallpaper last year and have been hooked ever since. He has a knack for soft, melodic rifts that make you press that “repeat” button on your iPhone. Check out his latest, Cocoon.

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Exclusive Behind The Scenes Footage - Bria Myles - AGT Vault

Once upon a time the photographer for AGT used to shoot with Bria Myles on the regular. I mean, all the time! lol.... Anyway, this is a little behind the scenes footage from one of their many photographic endeavors together.


Kingii - Alysha Young, JAX Mundy, Paige K. Ramsey

Synchronized swimmers Alysha Young, Paige K. Ramsey and JAX try the new Kingii flotation device. Stay tuned for a a behind the scenes video that will only be posted here on this website.


Tabria Majors and Dana Patterson - Skillz Strike Bowling

Tabria Majors and Dana Patterson play the sexiest game of online bowling ever.


Chelsea Miller - JooVuu X Camera

So Chelsea Miller finally gets her own dedicated video - her review of the JooVuu X mini car cam. This was shot at YouTube Space LA. Chelsea is super easy to work with and we look forward to more collabs with her in 2016.


Tabria Majors, Eliza Love & Chelsea Miller Review Breville Blender

One of my favorite videos of late. This is a great blender. The Breville Boss Blender costs about $400, but it’s really worth it. Great product from Australia.


Olivia Jensen - DIY Mason Jars

This is probably one of Olivia Jensen’s best videos since her jeans DIY.


Alysha Young & Hennely Jimenez Review Shudder Streaming Service

Shudder is a new subscription horror service backed by AMC. While they only offer 200 or so titles, they pack a potent punch with such cult favs as Ti West’s “House of the Devil" and Korean horror “A Tale of Two Sisters." This isn't horror lite - this the real deal. Check out Alysha Young and Hennely Jimenez discuss it.

Below you can see some storyboard AGT artist Cam worked up for this video. That’s right: we think these things out lol.


Honest Tea Project

In the brief history of AGT, I must say that appearing on the website for Honest Tea was one of the high points. Honest Tea is in store everywhere and is owned by Coke, so this was not a small brand deal. We have to give big shout out to Austin Graff over at Honest for making this happen. We actually did two videos for them. The first one did not make the cut and was rejected for some technical reasons, but Olivia certainly looks great in it. Consider this a bonus of occasionally visiting the AGT website.

NOTE: Honest Tea does not represent the views herein and specifically rejected this version of the video. In other words, the views and opinions expressed herein are strictly those of AGT and do not represent the views and opinions of Honest Tea or Coke or any of its respective affiliates or employees.


"The Gift" is One Of The Best of 2015

The Gift 1
The Gift is one of the best, if not the best, movies I’ve seen in 2015. But it’s for adults. Those seeking car chases and gratuitous violence need not apply. What writer/director Joel Edgerton has really done is take what could have been a ho-hum Lifetime melodrama and turned it into a thoughtful and unexpected tale of sins from the past coming back to haunt someone. Everyone in the theater has been, will be, or currently is either a Simon or a Gordo, and that’s what really hits home midway through the movie.

The film centers on Justin Bateman’s character Simon and his wife, Robyn, played quite well by Rebecca Hall. They’ve recently relocated from Chicago to Los Angeles for Simon’s big job at a security firm. They’ve made attempts at starting a family, but it hasn’t been successful and that’s taken a toll on their relationship. It’s also revealed that Robyn might have been abusing prescription drugs to dull the pain of infertility and a dubious career. Simon, on the other hand, is an ambitious winner and he’s so good at it, he makes it look effortless.

Shortly after arriving in Los Angeles, the couple “run into” Gordo at some Pottery Barn type store. Something seems slightly off about Gordo from the beginning – a stare that’s a little too intense, awkward pauses when he speaks, the gait/posture a broken person. As the trailers reveal, Gordo insinuates himself back into Simon’s life (they went
to high school together). Gordo and Robyn form a bond of sorts, perhaps due to the fact that they both understand trying to live down big mistakes in life. But Simon is immediately uneasy with Gordo’s reappearance, for reasons later explained. A few uncomfortable dinners ensue but things unravel fast. Apparently, Gordo’s life hasn’t turned out nearly as well as Simon’s, for reasons that may or may not have to do with Simon.

And that’s the beauty of The Gift. You really don’t know until about two thirds of the way into the film who’s the villain or the good guy in this movie. Lifetime would’ve made sure those lines were clearly drawn early on, and that’s why it would’ve been fun, but ultimately dreck. Edgerton is more concerned with nuance, and he picked just the cast to convey that, starting with himself as the awkward and spooky Gordo. No one is overplaying anything here. Even Bateman has toned down his typical snarky-yet-likable persona into something more mature and measured. Rebecca Hall is great as the vulnerable wife who followed her evolutionary instincts to marry a winner, but might have deliberately ignored some of Simon’s less pleasant qualities. Gordo’s entry into their life assures she will no longer be able to look away.

There are only a few real scares in The Gift, and even they are kind of fake outs, but they’re also extremely effective. The writing is top notch (watch out for Bateman’s speech about the winners and losers in life) as is the directing. I give this one my highest recommendation.

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