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The X’s Top 10 Under-appreciated, Eclectic Mcs

I’m a connoisseur of hip hop and this list has taken me a while to comprise because there are some who deserve to be here who aren’t here - because it’s my top 10 – not 12 or 15.  That said, I do like some commercial hip hop.  I can get down with some Kanye, E40, Jay Z, Whiz, 2 Chainz and all them but my passion is for the underground.  In life, it’s tough to go left when the majority is going right but these are the types of auteurs who shape and define counter culture in my opinion.  I feel these guys are some of the true geniuses of hip hop regardless of how well they sell. Here's a taste of each of them. Enjoy.
1.     Doom – Guv’Nor
2.     Deltron – Madness
3.     P.O.S. – Purexed -
4.     Pigeon John – So Gangster
5.     Sage Francis – The Best of Times
6.     Slug – Happy Mess
7.     Brother Ali – US
8.     F. Stokes – My Simple Town in the USA
9.     Murs -
10.  The Grouch -
As I completed this list I realized there are quite a few missing from an arbitrary “Top 10” so I wanna hear some of yours in the comments below.  – The X

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