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Indigo Prophecy Review


It's December now and in only three weeks it will be winter or the end of the world. Either way, I should probably mentally prepare myself for it. If only there was a game that dealt with both. Wait, there is! The game Indigo Prophecy published by Atari for the Microsoft WindowsXbox  and Sony Playstation 2 is the perfect primer for a wintery end of days.

Indigo Prophecy (also known in Europe as Ferenheit) is a 2005 game by Quantic Dream, the same studio who would later go on to develop the Playstation 3 exclusive and technical showcase Heavy Rain. If you've ever played their latest release then you know what to expect from Indigo Prophecy. It is an adventure where the story unfolds through exploring surroundings, engaging in conversations, examining objects and performing various Quick Time Events. If you're one of the people sick of Quick Time Events then you should be aware that even they are worth it just to see this story unfold.

So let me tell you a little bit about it. Indigo Prophecy takes place in the distant and far flung future of 2009 which yes does automatically date this. But if you can otherwise get over that then it's still very relevant and here's why. It takes place during a bitterly cold, early winter where your character begins his story by coming out of a bathroom stall to brutally murder a man simply washing his hands. From there you snap out of your trance-like state and realize what you've done. You have no recent memory and have tribal patterns carved into your arms, also a murder victim to deal with.

After that, it's up to you. Do you hide the body? Wash the blood away? Try to make a run for it? Talk with people in the building to figure out what happened before being discovered yourself? It's all up to you and there are several correct ways to make it through to the next scenario. Now here's the hook, you also play as the police trying to investigate the murder. Throughout Indigo Prophecy you take control of several plot threads that interweave and come together by the end, all discovering an 
Aztec legend about end times where a winter would come but never leave again.

See? Instead of being Mayans in winter 2012, it's Aztecs in winter 2009 but essentially still everything that people have whipped themselves into a panic over this time. And if for no other reason to play this then play it for Officer Carla Valenti. If I made a list of top ten hottest girls in video games (which I won't because I can't decide whether or not to include Final Fight's Poison), she would definitely be on it. Unfortunately you will have to get the European version of the game if you want to see her nude but it's still some good fan service.

 If you don't mind a deliberately paced & thoughtful gaming experience then I would recommend Indigo Prophecy. There are several endings of various satisfaction that also gives this game an amount of replayability along with the multiple paths to those endings. It can still be played on Microsoft Windows or the 
Xbox 360 through its backwards compatibility. Playstation owners however, will either have to have the model backwards compatible with Playstation 2 or take their old console out of retirement to re-live its glory days. Just don't wait too long, you never know what will happen.

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