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RetroCopy Review

I consider myself a bon vivant of obscure entertainment.  One of those areas includes classic gaming alternative to the NES.  I never owned one, so growing up, the video game systems I indulged in were Atari 2600 and 7800, ColecoVision, and Sega Genesis, CD,  and Master Systems.  Now, if you want to play classic games, there is an alternative:  emulators.  Many people all over the world use emulators to play ROMs of old games that they bought in the past on consoles, but on their computers.  I have used many emulators, but was recently blown away by the most feature rich emulator I have seen so far:  RetroCopy.

Before going into the details and features of RetroCopy, I would just like to inform and remind everyone that emulators and ROMs are to be used for backup purposes with games already purchased lawfully.  It is illegal to download and use emulators and ROMs for any other play.  All Good Things TV, Otaku no Baka, and RetroCopy do not endorse or promote any illegal activities.  Information given in this review is given for the purposes of lawful entertainment.

Using RetroCopy allows you to bypass many problems in trying to find an old system to play your favourite games.  You don't have to re-spend time and money finding discontinued hardware, or adapters to play them on new-fangled televisions and monitors.  RetroCopy allows you to play your old games in clarity unseen before, on a high definition computer monitor or LED/plasma television.    While this is true about all other emulators, RetroCopy shines as superior because it does not just play one format of game, or even just one family of games like the best of emulators.  It plays multiple formats and families!

RetroCopy plays ROMs for the Sega Genesis/MegaDrive, Master System,
Game Gear,  and SG-1000 systems.  RetroCopy  plays ROMs for the NES, and will emulate Super NES/Famicon games in the future.  RetroCopy also plays arcade systems under the Sega 1, 2, and E architectures, and 1942.    

While the formats of ROMs and media it plays are impressive, RetroCopy also has some bells and whistles unavailable anywhere.  RetroCopy fully supports 3D gaming.  It has 3D engines to support both 3D graphics and sound.  RetroCopy plays video and audio in all of the popular formats, including DVD,
VCD, and Mpeg Families.  RetroCopy has a logue in feature that updates your online RetroCopy account (should you choose to make one) on the games you play and time played.  Also, once you do make an account, you are able to write reviews on ROMs and even offer hints for other members in its game database.  RetroCopy also has a "rewind" feature that allows you back the game up if you make a mistake, and try again!  Perhaps the most impressive feature is the ability to create your own fully interactive and customizable virtual arcade and living room! 

How interactive and customizable is the arcade/living room?  RetroCopy allows you to have upright arcade machines as well as old 50's television sets to walk up and play your games on.  It allows you to make floors of rooms, adjust furniture, and even has gaming posters that you can decorate with.  Lighting and physics of the rooms are realistic.  Retrocopy also allows you to select the quality of lighting and textures in your virtual rooms based on your computer's performance.

I had to the privilege to talk to Tommy Kvarsvik,
beta tester, game database editor, and star supporter, about the future of RetroCopy.  This is the information he shared.  The enigmatic creator, known only as "Ralph," is currently working on a very big and secretive project that is taking his lion's share of time.  All remaining effort is being put into beta testing RetroCopy 1.0 (The current version is .960.) which can only emulate SMS, and reintroducing all previous emulation compatibility, upon perfection.  Only then will new system compatibility be added.  So far SNES and Neo Geo would probably be the first and easiest, followed by Gameboy.  However, because of the secret project and 1.0 beta testing, any new system additions will not be made in the near future.  What is the most impressive plain for the future:  How about online competitive play!!?

Other emulators that I thought deserved a mention include
Kega Fusion, bsnes, and the prodigious Mednafen (It emulates 15 console systems!) .

Well, what do you think?  Have any of you used emulators?   Are you going to try any?  Tell us how you liked the review and what you think of RetroCopy when you try it, and remember to cheque up with us here at All Good Things TV for the best in entertainment news!
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